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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Class 2 Cake

Here is my cake for class 2 of course 1:

After class 1 I was so excited about making it but waited til the night before to bake the cake since I didn't want it to dry out. I'm really impressed by the even strips that came in my kit. You wrap them around your pans and then magically your cake comes out flat. When it came to icing the cake, I used the cake icer tip. So much easier than putting a blob of icing in the center of the cake and going from there. I used all the tips my instructor told me about icing the cake and running the spatula under hot water makes such a difference. I'm such a perfectionist that finally I had to tell myself to put the spatula down. My instructor said my icing was really smooth and I lived out my dream of having the best iced cake in class.

I only had time to finish the pink part in class and then did the rest when I got home. I was so excited about finishing it that I forgot my ROY G. BIV order. The next day I took it to my grandparents and my mom to share. I had used raspberry jam for the filling and it turned out really nice.

Next week we can make cupcakes, a round cake, or mini cakes to do our "clown cake". When I was telling my grandparents this my grandfather laughed because they once took me to Hardee's when I was little and I screamed and cried because a clown was there. The clown cake is kinda scary. I'm going to be less excited to show it off.