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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The unthinkable happened...

Two nights ago I was up late working on some school things and making sure I had everything ready for open house the following night.  I went in the kitchen for something to drink and suddenly got all this energy to bake something.  It had to be quick fix since I didn't think this random burst of energy was going to last long.  Also, I've not been to the grocery store in about a week and a half so it also had to be minimal on the ingredients.  No Bake Cookies seemed perfect.  I was already excited about them.  And most importantly, they were really fast to make.  I looked up the recipe (I can never remember it even though I've been making them since I was 8).  First ingredient-milk.  The expiration date was questionable but it passed smell test.  I went to grab the next ingredient from the shelf.  That's when I realized...

I was out of sugar.  

There was only a slight layer on the bottom of my canister.  I looked in my cabinet, I almost always have a backup bag.  There was none.  I never run out of sugar.  Ever.  I was a little disappointed that I didn't get my cookies but maybe it's for the best since I would have maybe been too sleepy to even eat them.  

So my lack of sugar, time, resources, etc.  is to blame for my lack of baking lately.  Back to school is stressful.  I thought I had everything straightened out by the time open house started yesterday afternoon.  18 students- all of their names on the door and their desks.  Then 3 new students showed up that weren't even on my roster!  New ones!!! But then I found out I lost a few too, so who knows what my roster is going to look like when I get to school on Monday.  

But hopefully once school starts, I go to the grocery store, and things get settled down I will bake once again.  I'm thinking something fancier than No Bake Cookies too.  


Running 365 said...

This almost happened to me! I decided to make cookies for Open House (at 6:00 in the morning, the day of) and almost panicked when I saw I was almost out of sugar AND flour. No back-up bags here either! Luckily, by scraping out the very bottom of both containers, I had close enough to enough to get by. I'm getting at least two bags of each at the grocery store today's a little bit unsettling to be in a sugarless (okay, actually I still have brown sugar) and flourless house.