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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bake Lust Saturday (Sunday...)

How bad is it that all of my latest posts are of things that other people made. And I've actually baked but have been too busy/lazy to get my photos uploaded. Sad.

I can't wait til this school year is over so I can devote more time to baking. I'm so slack when school is in session. I've been asked to make something for a baby shower at work (can't believe I agreed after the first baby shower fiasco this year) and originally I suggested petit fours. Yeah...but then I get an email tonight that it is going to be this Wednesday so I may switch that over to cupcakes. Petit fours take a lot of prep work. At least I know the gender of this baby (baby girl!) so it won't be as hard to think of ideas.

Anyhow, here are a few things I saved for this week:

homemade pop tarts (with nutella!) from smitten kitchen
edible butterflies from the kitchn
pretty and classic French charlottes from the kitchn

Stephanie makes getting up to make weekend pancakes so much easier.

It is strawberry season.