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Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm jealous of French school lunches.

Imagine sitting down in a school cafeteria to a lunch menu of roasted duck, apricots, and chocolate mousse. No wonder the French are so much more Foodie than Americans. They start eating great food early and don't give out opportunities for bad food choices. Creme Brulee for dessert at school? Some people my age have never even had creme brulee. Le sigh...

Today my school's menu was: Salisbury dippers (like cheesy breadsticks) or fish sticks, green beans, corn, and peaches. Blah. For one thing, why are the two entrees shaped like sticks? They did have some leftover baked ziti that they were serving as well that didn't look too terrible. But for the three years I have been teaching now I have never eaten school lunch. Not that what I bring from home is terribly fancy or completely healthy all the time (diet coke every day) but there has never been anything in the cafeteria that I saw and instantly wanted which is sad because food is made to be sort of desirable and wanted right?

However, I'm totally a fan of our school's new grant to give each student (and teacher!) healthy snack each day. A fresh peach, banana, granny smith apple, or orange is really beneficial at 1 o'clock each afternoon to get me through the rest of the day. Supposedly they are going to start getting more adventurous with their choices as time goes on. I'm anxiously awaiting some mangos, raspberries, and just maybe some apricots.