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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bake Lust

I've been woken up way too early this morning by my neighbor's grandson throwing his baseball up against the bottom of my bedroom wall. The chances of you making it pro, very slim. The chances of me turning into a third grade teacher on a Saturday morning, almost guaranteed.

But because I was forced to get up early I was organizing photos in iPhoto and looking at blogs and dragging more photos to iPhoto and it was at that moment I came to the realization that I have baking lust. Really bad. I see cute cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, etc. and save the photos for future reference.

Why not save them on here for future reference and share their greatness?

So maybe this will be a new Saturday morning tradition. Not that I hope to be woken up by third graders ever again.
1st Bake Lust List:

Wallpaper Inspired Cookies by Miette Cakes

Love this simple bannered wedding cake. No clue where I found it...

Joy the Baker wrote this adorable post about How to Impress a Boy with Baking. So true! Remember this?