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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rice Krispie Eggs

Another spring break creation. I wanted to make something cute for Easter lunch but had very little planning/baking time. For the past few months I've been a little obsessed with rice krispie treats. I can't remember making them as a kid (I remember them as being really messy) and don't think I ever made them on my own until my dorm's kitchen no less.

There were a lot of cute baking ideas on my blog reader but when I saw this post and had all the inspiration I needed.
In the end I made a few varieties: white chocolate, semisweet chocolate, chocolate and coconut, and colored sugar. I was most excited by the chocolate and coconut. It was like a gourmet rice krispie treat. Too bad my dad and cousin quickly ate those two up! The white chocolate was pretty amazing though.