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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2: Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Okay, I thought of this all by myself.  No Ina, no Martha.  

I've never actually had a grilled peach.  So I broke out my George Foreman grill that I got for Christmas but still hadn't used.  There was little prep: cut the peach in half, remove the pit, and put it on the heated grill.  Pretty simple.  

As it was grilling, I raided my fridge hoping and praying I had some heavy cream that wasn't expired.  To my surprise I found that I had one that hadn't even been opened yet and didn't expire until the end of this month.  Excitedly, I poured some in a bowl and started up my electric mixer.  I whipped and whipped and whipped.  Then after seeing no results stuck in my finger and tasted it...

...I definitely was whipping buttermilk.  

But it gets better.  On another shelf I found some fresh heavy cream.  I added about 1/4 cup of sugar and maybe 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon (a good sprinkle).

By this time my peaches were ready and all I had to do was add a dallop (I love that word) of the whipped cream.  

My overall impression,  grilled peaches are okay.  Maybe it was my George Foreman grill, but they sort of had a weird taste that I wasn't expecting.  But the whipped cream was amazing!!!!  The cinnamon added the perfect warmth to the already sweet cream.  So even if I wasn't the biggest grilled peach fan I will definitely keep this whipped cream recipe in mind for my next peach creation.  And how good would that be on apple crisp or pie????


Pretty Little World said...

I don't like whipped cream (I know, I know...I should), but this looks amazingly good!! The caramelization on those peaches looks so tasty!!