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Monday, July 13, 2009

Update: No more peaches :(


Saturday afternoon, after dropping off the luau cake, I went to my grandmother's for a corn party.  If you've never been to one then you are missing out, at least in my opinion.  My family is big time into corn.  Both my mom and dad's side of the family have always had beautifully planted rows of corn since forever.  Because of this, corn is pretty much my favorite food and by far my favorite vegetable.  I have lots of really good summertime memories that revolve around corn.  

Saturday's corn party consisted of 488 ears of freshly picked corn.  We sat in the shade of the carport of my grandparent's house and shucked, silked, boiled, cut, and put up corn.  Even my cousin Amy, who is going into the 3rd grade, is a skilled worker by now.   Of course, I went into this knowing that this occasion would be very bittersweet without my grandfather.  He was the very definition of a gardener and knew exactly how many ears of corn was in his garden from day to day.  My dad, who always helped out with the garden but never had one himself, planted corn in one of the fields across from our house this year.  It's funny how things happen I guess.  But we shared lots of stories about my grandfather and laughed and it was a good day for all of us.