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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Wedding Day Kelsey!

For children and grandmothers everywhere I'm going to spare you with a detailed shot of my latest cake.  And instead, I was just going to leave you with a picture of my dear friend and college roommate Kelsey cutting the cake to kick start her bachelorette party.  However, when I went to load the bachelorette party pics something horrible happened with my camera and not all of the photos would load and the only way I could fix it was to delete all of the pictures on my camera.  A few were spared but not the one I was hoping to share.  So maybe it's for the best and you'll just have to use your imaginations!!!

But for old times sake, I found this really old (and by old I mean nearly 4 years) photo of us out in Boone right before we started out junior year at Appalachian.  We weren't even 21 as you can tell by the sharpie maker marks on our hands.  I have no idea where the hat came from!  

And here is one of my favorite college memories, the infamous tubing down the New River trip senior year.  Shown here is the complete Wednesday Night Dinner alum.

Lovely memories!!!

But back to the wedding:
Of course I had to get some cake photos, the flowers on the cake and throughout the entire wedding were so bright and pretty.

And finally Rachel and I snagged Kelsey off the dance floor for a photo.  I miss our little Appalachian Wednesday night dinner group, we're such adults now!!


Kelsey said...

awwww...I am sad that you lost photos of my last evening as a single woman. However, they must have looked better than me in that ridiculous cowboy hat and tube top! Whatever was I thinking back in college? I will send you a picture the bachelorette cake so that you can keep it as a memory! Also, I would love if you could send me a copy of those pictures you took at our wedding! Especially the one with Rachel, you and I. My email is