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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3: On the search for the best peach cobbler

And perhaps I found it?!?

Over the years I've tried out a few peach cobbler recipes but haven't really loved any of them.  Mainly this is because I have such high expectations after having my grandmother's wonderful, perfectly crusted peach cobbler around all this time.  

So the recipes I have tried have failed to live up to hers.  Paula Deen's I had really high hopes for.  As a Southern lady I just knew hers would be perfect.  But the crust was like a thick cake on top, way overpowering.  So today I set out on google to find a good recipe and instead of looking at the ingredients I just google image searched "the best peach cobbler" and looked through the results.  Not too cakey, a little crisp, gooey, .... 

After some not so impressive photos and some really random photos of things not even related to peaches or cobblers I came upon the winning photo and recipe that can be found here on this blog.  It's good to discover recipes on other food blogs, I mean that is the whole reason of creating one right?

It looked a lot like my grandmother's so I decided to search no further.  Very easy to make.  I forgot the cinnamon, which I was sure was a necessity, but after tasting it I didn't notice.  Soooo good.  

And I actually had a real occasion to make this dessert for and a new taste tester!  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it.  

So, I'm sort of impressed that I found so much to write about on a simple peach cobbler but I think this will be my official peach cobbler recipe from now on.  


Shannalee said...

Glad you liked it!

ACEnglish said...

It was delicious! Easily the best piece of food I've eaten all year. I still smile every time I think about it.